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Monday, 24 June 2013

Wallpaper of the Week : Multi Stem, Orla Kiely for Harlequin

Two weeks on the run for a Wallpaper of the Week post ! So on this dull summer morning here is a bit of bright vibrantness that added to a dose of Berroca might hopefully kick start your day !

This week's wallpaper is from one of my favourite designers, Orla Kiely, who last year joined forces with Harlequin to launch a fantastic range of wallpapers and fabrics in some of her classic patterns.

The range showcases her simplified style and approach to design with linear patterns and geometric shapes alongside retro flowers that really pack a punch ! Designs ranging from Multi Stem (shown above), Giant Rhododendron, Scribble and Flower Tile all complement each other fantastically to either work as standalone features or alongside each other within the same scheme.

The colourways are reminiscent of my childhood back in the 80s, when the chintz was on its way in but the remains of the orange and browns from the 70s were still looming large (blimey I'm getting on aren't I ?) The tones of colour are soft and muted with names such as Mole, Seagreen, Tea Rose and Poppy, they will really give life to any neutral area.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wallpaper of the Week : Arkona Iola by Harlequin

I have had several not so subtle hints dropped about how I should be doing Wallpaper of the Weeks again after over a year away from the blog and inspired by a Dining Room project that I have recently been involved in, here is my latest Wallpaper of the Week ....

From my long term favourites Harlequin, its Iola wallpaper from their Arkona range. Its described as ‘An archive inspired vintage design reminiscent of the Art Deco movement’, I would personally use the word ‘lush’.

There is a gorgeous delicate texture to the paper giving it a rich parchment feel, that is then overlaid with a stunning shimmer from the main background colour. Layer on top of this the delicate blossoms or grapes, whichever is your personal take on it and you get a striking wall of design. The dining room in question has beautiful dark wood furniture that complements the design perfectly.

The paper is available in eight colour ways that range from the flamboyant 'Cranberry, Charcoal and Pale Gold’ to the more subtle ‘Cappuccino, Pale Gold and Neutral’. The paper shown above is ‘Grape, Charcoal, Lime and Neutral’ although I would suggest that ‘Gold’ would be a clearer description.

As always, any comments, feedback or questions are more than welcome

Monday, 21 May 2012

Wallpaper of the Week - Dragonfly by Scion

A statement wallpaper with a delicate feel to it for this weeks Wallpaper of the Week, its called Dragonfly and comes from the first wallpaper collection from Scion, Melinki.

The simple shape and large scale highlights the delicate single brushstroke of the Dragonfly’s body, adding a stunning feature and colour to the room.

Its available in seven different colour-ways, various combinations of earthy tones with blues and greens and as I am now proud to be a stockist of Scion, if you would like a sample or to see more from the range please get in touch and I will arrange it for you as soon as possible.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Wallpaper of the Week - Elodie by Harlequin (Ideas for Classic French Styled Bedroom)

Following on from last weeks Farfalla Wallpaper, this weeks Wallpaper of the Week was another alternative paper that I shortlisted for a brief of creating a feature wall for a Classic French styled bedroom.

A very traditional floral pattern but with a hint of modern thanks to a lovely shimmery finish on the background areas that will reflect back light into the room. The colours are gold and cream but as this image demonstrates, there is an underlying pinkness which will be great for enhancing a warm cosy feeling without changing the overall colour scheme of the room.

Alongside plain textured roman blinds and curtains, one wall of this paper behind the bed-head will really bring together the whole scheme.

Available in five alternative colour ways please give me a call if you would like to receive a sample.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Wallpaper of the Week - Farfalla by Nina Campbell

Over the next few weeks, I plan to share with you some lovely wallpapers that I shortlisted for a feature wall in Classic French style master bedroom. The client had requested a luxurious, comfortable room style, with a restful and calm feel about it. They selected very traditional styled painted furniture and the piece de resistance was a beautiful French Bed with soft golden cream woven detailing. I put together two  paint schemes using some gorgeous whites taken from the Dulux Heritage palette and then set about bringing the whole thing together with a feature wallpaper.

This paper is a “Marmite” wallpaper. (Small1 would tell me thats not a proper sentence because it doesn’t have a connective in it ...but hey he’s 6 and I’m 36) I personally am not a lover of fluttery, flappy insect-like things however, this paper and the selection of colours that are delicately represented in the different varieties, for me, just has everything needed to create a WOW factor that has just the right amount of impact to make a statement without taking over.

Its available in four colourways, with backgrounds that are black, jade green, gold and cream and each is lush in its own right. The fern background adds a subtle soft contrast and really lets the butterflies come alive off the paper.

If you would like to see more of this paper or the other colour ways please drop me a line and I’ll get a sample across to you asap..

Monday, 30 April 2012

Wallpaper of the Week - Lacarno by Harlequin

An example this week of what a bit of marketing photography and room styling can do to influence your decision on selecting a wallpaper.

I recently had a meeting with my Harlequin rep and was flicking through the very lovely, very Harlequinny Folia Collection, when I came across the sheet showing the above wallpaper 'Uh, I'm not sure on that' was my initial response. I then turned the page and saw this image of it 'in real life' and my opinion was very quickly changed.

I think the way that the white background in the paper lightens the room, which could have felt quite dark with the stone flooring is fantastic. The liberal use of white paint obviously helps this matter, but if the paint had been slapped on everywhere then this lovely character and feel wouldn't come across.

The clever blend of colours within the wallpaper still gives scope for numerous complementary colours and doesn't limit you - something to be avoided in a busy area such as a hallway as there are always items left there that aren't part of the 'plan'.

If anyone would like a sample then please feel free to get in touch

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Wallpaper of the Week - Giselle by Harlequin

A bit of light opulent red and gold this week, but done tastefully !

Giselle from the Delphine Collection by Harlequin. Its a really lovely matt print, close up it looks like its been colour blocked on to the gold background with the odd smudged edge for authenticity. It gives a modern take on a classic floral. The colours are bang up to date as well, in six styles ranging from limes and beiges through to creams and my personal favourite, a really user-friendly matt grey and white.

Anyone wanting a sample please don't hesitate to get in touch ...

(Many thanks again to the lovely people at Harlequin for sending me out a photo disk so that I can feature their beautiful papers)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Wallpaper of the Week - Persephone by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin

Another week and another wallpaper... from the same Kallianthi Collection as last week but a gorgeous duck egg and silver paper called Persephone. The subtle but effective vertical stripes in the background colour are enhanced by a two tone silvery overlay of leaf patterns combining to give a stunning overall impact.

Its available in six different colour ways ranging from a quite heavy dark grey with mustardy lime leaves through a striking sage with shocking pink leaves to a gentle beige with silver and matt white. The extent of the variations adapt the paper from an 'in-your-face-wallpaper-wall' to a beautifully calm scene as the image shows above.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wallpaper of the Week - Nettles by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin

UPDATE - My new Harlequin Disk has arrived (thank you) new image but in different colour-way)

Happy New Year !! ...yeah I know its February already and another year is flying by, so I thought it was about time that I pulled my finger out and shared with you some of my current favourites and you can ponder along with me as to where I can squeeze in this gorgeous paper ??
Now the image isn't showing it off to its best - I have applied to Harlequin for the room shot as believe me it really is stunning. The background has a subtle glimmer to it with a delicate matt texture added in the coloured print.....I *need* it !!
That said the whole collection is bloomin' gorgeous ! Its called Kallianthi and there are wallpapers and co-ordinating fabrics ranging from printed cottons to silks. The colours are so striking its just what you need to cheer everyone up on a freezing February day. I'll try and remember to add a few more over the next few weeks.
In the meantime if anyone would like a sample to see it for themselves please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wallpaper of the Week - Shadows on the Wall - Chippendale by Tektura

I know, I know ...its been far too long and only the second post this year !! oops where has the time gone ? But I'm back and with recent conversations (generally at the school gate) about wallpapers I thought I should stop ignoring my weekly schedule reminder and actually get on and publish a new Wallpaper of the Week !!

So here it is !! Its from a range by Tektura called Shadows on the Wall and I have used a number of their papers including this exact one on a project that I am currently working on. They are amazing prints as close up (specifically when you pull the sample piece out the envelope !!) you wonder what on earth you're getting. But, take a step back and you get an amazing depth and texture that I haven't been able to find from any other paper manufacturer.

Its available in Tektura's fantastic range of silvers, deep reds, bronze and inky blue. I have just used it in a lounge alongside a warm neutral wall colour and with a grey scheme on upholstery but it would also look amazing in a bedroom as a back drop to a feature headboard.

Right best dash (back to school gate again) but promise to keep blog up to date... if you've never peeked at the blog before please help yourself and have a good nose through the old stuff - most wallpaper but a few odd ramblings thrown in !!

Monday, 28 March 2011

Wallpaper of the Week - Bella by Tektura

Its been a while I know (and sincere apologies to the M-i-L who is apparently bored of the previous post !!) but I have been in the very privileged position of being run off my feet with design work (yaay !).

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I had my first meeting with my lovely sales lady from Tektura. Now I haven't used commercial papers in the past but I had had conversations with Tektura at a Dulux conference and been really impressed and pleasantly surprised by their designs and finishes. The depth and detail that they are able to show in their patterns is amazing - and there it was, my wallpaper mojo had returned !

So this is my first offering, can you believe it, nearly in April and its the first Wallpaper of the Week of 2011 !! Bella by Tektura shown above in Turquoise but also available in a soft gold, silver and cream with co-ordinating plain papers too ! Now here's the science bit, the papers are non-woven fibres ie made of polyester and cellulose and the pattern is added in natural sand ! Yep, like you get on the beach (well its probably not taken out of an actual sandcastle but you get my drift)

I love the pattern, its not too damasky, not too florally, not to trailing but gives a great balance of pattern to background paper. The turquoise is obviously going to add a feature colour to a room but the alternative colours will work well as a neutral setting for any coordinating scheme.

If anyone is interested in using this or any of the other Tektura papers ( then please give me a call and I would be delighted to help...

Image featured thanks to Tektura Wallcoverings

Monday, 18 October 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Mimi by Harlequin

Hmm how lush is this ? The delicate white flowers against the soft grey background, just so pretty yet classic all the same.

Its another one from the Boutique collection by Harlequin, yes I'm still loving it ! The imagery here with the white sofa and silver and glass accessories works so well, I'm desperate to give it a try in real life !

The subtle pattern makes this design easy to use in any situation, it would be ideal in a reception room or a bedroom.

One thing to consider is that in some positions it could make the room appear to be a little cold. I would suggest that it would work best along with natural daylight that is coming from a South or Westerly direction (with naturally red or orangey light).

Image courtesy of Harlequin Harris 2010

Monday, 11 October 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Iola Rose by Harlequin

My Harlequin love continues this week, with what is my favourite new collection of the season 'Boutique' - I can't wait for my sample book to arrive (Sad admission of morning !)

There are nine designs within the collection, ranging from florals, both bright and stunningly subtle, to abstract motifs and stripes. The colours are exquisite, so clean and crisp and incorporating a shimmer effect in places to provide an additional lift.

The paper shown today is called Iola Rose and is also available in a light pink rose with a pale green background. I have chosen this particular paper as the warmth from the colour brightened up my desk on this cold autumnal morning. Its so rich and vibrant that it would add a dash of luxury to any room.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Gardenia by Harlequin

I have to admit that the reduced number of Wallpaper of the Week posts hasn't been purely down to the fact that the work load is going off the Richter Scale (yaay !) but down to the fact that I was getting a little low on ideas of wallpapers to share....then there was Focus and Decorex ....

Oh how things can change in the course of a week.

For those of you who don't know last week was officially London Trade Fair week when even us Northerners are allowed to taste the Chelsea air and view all of the new launches ready for 2011. I've got so many new got-to-have papers I didn't really know where to start ...

This gorgeous delicate wallpaper is from one of Harlequin's new collections entitled Juniper. The paper shown is Gardenia, depicting soft lilac and pale green alliums. The lilac and green was a popular colour combination seen around the shows. The Juniper Collection includes some gorgeous co-ordinating fabrics some of which can be seen on the bed cushions in the image.

I am going to be suggesting the wallpaper to clients for both bedroom schemes and living room schemes. The muted colours allow it to blend easily into existing schemes adding a freshness, brightening up a room against this dull wet weather !

Monday, 16 August 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Isabelle by Monsoon (Top of the charts for July)

Continuing to make the most of the 'font of knowledge on everything wallpaper in the UK' that is , this weeks more traditional, gentile wallpaper is July's best selling pattern. What a contrast to the year to date best seller that I featured last week ? It appears that the blip of warm sunny weather that we had in July (a long distant memory amid the rain cloud that is currently present overhead) made everyone want to bring a bit of the garden inside.

Taking its inspiration from a French 18th century design the pattern features large florals, birds and butterflies (obvious difference between the garden it is modelled on and mine is the distinct lack of footballs !)

The paper shown above is a delicate green on duck egg version, however, it is available in six different colourways each giving a different feel to the paper, the more impact you want to make the bolder colour option you choose.

Its quite a bargain too - at £15.40 a roll it wouldn't take up too much of your re-decoration budget to pop up a quick feature wall. I was about to say "not for everyones taste" but given the fact that its topped July's charts its obviously to quite a lot of peoples tastes.

Thanks once again to @lovedecorating for their help with this weeks feature

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Wow ! This years best selling wallpaper *

What would you think would be Britain's most popular wallpaper design ? I would have said something subtle, something classic and something quite neutral in colour....How wrong was I ?? The bold, vivid, geometric design above is the best selling wallpaper for Wallpaper Direct in 2010. What a courageous old bunch we are !!

The paper is from the Albany WOW ! range and reasonably priced at £19.99 / roll. A perfect statement pattern, I would expect more often than not is being used on a feature wall rather than an entire room. I would add a light, silvery dove grey to the other walls to add a neutral base and really set off the wallpaper.

Geometric designs are great for using in any reception room or hall-way. The bright vibrant colours will add a lovely warm feel to any surroundings (although I'd keep away from bedrooms and go for a calmer colourway).

Thanks Aaron at Wallpaper Direct for his help - follow them on twitter at @lovedecorating

* Source : Wallpaper Direct 2010 YTD

Monday, 2 August 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Zagazoo by Osborne & Little

OK, ok so I promised mass market this week - its on its way ...fingers crossed for next week. In the mean time, so as not to leave you without your Monday fix of inspiration (hopefully) have a little look at this. Maybe the close up will help you recognise the designer ?? hint..think George's Marvellous Medicine and Mr & Mrs Twit ...

Yes, the fabulous illustrator Quentin Blake has teamed up with Osborne & Little to develop this gorgeous wallpaper and fabric collection. It features four ranges, from the vivid Cockatoos to the more delicate Alphabet Tales with a Butterfly Meadow design and All Join In happy family to complete the story.

Thanks to the range of colourways and the level of detail there really is something for every child, right down to newborns with Alphabet Tales lending itself effortlessly to a nursery.

Costing £31.73 per roll you are probably going to want to create a feature wall rather than the entire room, however a whole room of Cockatoos would certainly help wake them up a bit quicker in the morning !!!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Bird in the Bush by Anna French

Following on from last week's discovery of sparkly, shiny, glossy, beautiful traditional yet with a twist wallpapers from Anna French (I kind of liked them just a little bit), this week's paper is another one from her Wild Flora collection. Its called Bird in the Bush ...but I can't find any birds in it ??

I have to admit that this design is not usually what I would go for and I think that its the room set image that has won me over. I love the dusky pink upholstered day bed working with the aqua foil finish of the wallpaper. There are six colourways available, the majority are rather more traditional in colours and finishes. Probably not to the mass market taste but loverly all the same...

If it does tickle your fancy, its range of price is quite vast dependent on finish. For a standard paper finish its available for around £40 a roll up to around £82 a roll for the foil finish above.

Off to go to the opposite extreme for next week I think and find something so mass market that everyone will be able to find a wall for it. And yes, I did mean to say loveRly !

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Songbird by Anna French

As part of 'Big Plan' (more details to follow) I have been researching a few new trade accounts to set up. To my delight I stumbled across a beautiful range of wallpapers that has such amazing finishes from flocked to a tarnished foil that actually gives a mirrored look !! (Wallpaper does have an odd effect on me, its quite bizarre, when I discover a new range I'm like a kid in a toy shop - I found them on Tuesday morning and have been trying to grab a second ever since to look into them further !)

The range is from Anna French (a division of Thibaut) and is called 'Wild Flora'. If you're not a floral fan don't be put off by the name - its not all flowers ! Anyway, I'm going to stretch this one out and stick to delivering what the title states - 'A' Wallpaper of the Week.

The first one that I have chosen (that's a lie Small1 chose it as I was torn between two) is called Songbirds. I have to admit that it was the finish rather than the design that initially caught my eye. The image above shows it in 'Gold on Tarnished Foil' however, there are seven versions available ranging from 'Grey Pencil on White' to 'Gold on Purple'. Just flicking through the different colours shows how a completely different effect can be achieved by changing the base colours and textures, if you didn't know that they had the same pattern, you probably wouldn't link them together.

This range of finishes also has a range of price tags - ranging from around £60 up to £80 a roll - its not cheap but its very beautiful and doesn't deserve to be hidden away - if you are going to spend on what could be a considered a work of art it needs to be hung where it can be admired. I'd love to see it in an entrance hall sitting behind a classic console table.

Be warned, this range has really got to me, and its so diverse due to the range of patterns and effects that you're going to be seeing a lot more of it over coming weeks !

Monday, 12 July 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Scribble by Flame Interiors

Isn't this fab ? You've seen it somewhere before haven't you ? You just can't quite put your finger on where it was right ?... Wrong !

This is a very special one off design created by Fiona Flame of Flame Interiors to meet the brief of a client who knew exactly what he was after.

Fiona met with her client, a jeweller, who was looking for assistance with the interior design of his new store. The brief was for "a feature wall with a scribble on it, just like when someone is doodling". After various findings didn't quite meet with her expectations, Fiona decided it was time to jump to the other side of the fence and exchange the "Interior Designer Hat" for the "Wallpaper Designer Hat" et voila...Scribble by Fiona Flame.

In real life the paper has a shiny silver background and the feature wall is going to be 2.8 metres high by 1.8metres tall ! Imagine this supported by a colour scheme of dark blue, white and platinum in silk wall coverings and light catching wallpapers - lush. I can't wait to see the final results !

I suppose the moral of this mornings rambling is that communication is key. If you have a clear idea in mind and can communicate that idea then it 'can' be achieved, I'm not saying its going to be cheap, but there are ways of making things happen.

With thanks to Flame Interiors (

Friday, 9 July 2010

Trying to help make things a little bit better....

I prefer not to think about it. I try to deny its existence. I can shut it out of my mind and pretend that it doesn't, hasn't and won't affect my life. But in reality, just like everyone else there is no hiding from this monster.

I'm a Mummy, I'm expected to fix things and put things right, make things better...but this eludes me. I can't bring back my Grandparents, I can't bring back my children's Grandpa.

My feeble attempt to make a difference, to try and help make things a little bit better is to go for a walk, a 10 mile walk. At midnight - well I'd probably end up getting up in the middle of the night anyway to find a missing teddy (or a missing wellie boot...but thats a whole different story).

I've got a t-shirt and a note to say that I could get it personalised...."I'm walking for ..." well lets just say I'd didn't know where to start. Its too big for my liking, too real. I've left it too late to get my personalisation done (and to start training), but I have decided who I'm walking for. I'm walking for GB, Small1 and Small2, my 'happy little family', my responsibility. If me walking can raise a little bit of money to help another little family like ours have some happy times when things are tough then I feel its definitely worth doing.

The last time I did a sponsored anything was in the final year at secondary school - a sponsored 24hr famine. I ate a crisp, a monster munch and caved in. I can't cave in on this as I have to make it back to the car, to make it home to check that there are no stray teddies or wellies. I have to help that Mummy when she needs to try and make things better for her little family.

If you could please spare some money, I am walking for Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes on Saturday 17th July.

Thank you very much x

Monday, 5 July 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Mood by Camengo

A lovely delicate yet distinct wallpaper for this week. The collection by Camengo is called Mood and this paper features pretty cherry blossoms giving a non-flowery-floral pattern if there could be such a contradiction ! I have chosen it as its light and airy despite its deeper background taupe colour. There are various colour-ways available, I think my personal favourite has a duck egg flower head.

Rather than a standard flat image, this design has great depth due to the shadowing effects and variations of the colours used.

The collection also has a range of plain coloured wallpapers, however, I would recommend that you consider a paint mix to complement the rest of your scheme. From a practical point of view this allows you to touch up and marks and makes your feature wall all the more special.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Bindi by Eijffinger

A nice bright start to the week. The football may well be over for another four years (Guilty pleasure : the sneaky shots of David on the bench - enough said) but its still summer and believe it or not the sun is 'still' shining ! So this lovely cheery paper is hopefully a good match for your mood.

Eijffinger (please don't ask me to pronounce it - Dutch is not a strength of mine) have lots of lovely bold floral collections, but their Bindi Collection is inspired by traditional Indian designs, luxurious and rich in both in colour and texture. The striking patterns range from trailing florals to large bold paisley. With colourways as diverse as turquoise, lime, purple and silver enhanced by metallic finishes it is certainly a head turner.

Its not cheap, starting at £52 per roll and rising up to £75 for the metallic finishes, but boy is it going to look amazing ! Don't be scared of this range, it is bold but its beautiful and will enhance any room - simply add lots of neutrals and I would advise not accessorising just let the paper do the talking.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Its here - Business Mum's Blog Carnival

The responsibility !! Helen has entrusted me with June's Business Blogs Carnival ...I hope I don't disappoint !

My first major decision has been what image to use as the opener...I deliberated and contemplated and tried to think of something that represented June...sunshine (we've got some for once but didn't want to be responsible for bringing it to an end by talking about it), bloomin' football (David Beckham was up there believe me), tennis (not really in full flow yet) then it hit me...Pimms !

We have a great mix of articles for you this month so my suggestion is you pour yourself a lovely refreshing glass and sit back (preferably with your sunnies on and your feet in the paddling pool ...wifi permitting) and enjoy..... (now for the really scary bit I have to try and work out these links !!)

First up this month we have some brand new blogs, Marianne at BagPod's Half a Book ? Her plans to send 'virtual postcards from South Wales to the Philippines' and Jacqueline from Organic Baby Clothes Direct has written her first post about Organic Cotton Facts with some real thought provoking points.

Sam at Mumazing (host of July's carnival) has had a tough week with her business - would a walk in the park would lift her spirits? Find out about how parks are a budget-conscious mum's best friend over at Baby Budgeting.

On with business and Antonia from Family Friendly Working has written about the Implications for your business of the Coalition Government . 'She's Trying To Destroy Me! Coping with Competition and Flattery in Business' is this month's topic from Natalie at Self Employed Mum, and dealing with another potential business stress is Business Ethics from Karen at Learning Made Fun discussing honesty and integrity . Helen at Business Plus Baby talks in this month's article about the term 'Mumpreneur' and equality in childcare.

On to some more personal articles, two to feature for June, first up in celebration of Breast Feeding Awareness week we have Arabella from the Natural Nursery Blog with her very own inspiring Breastfeeding Story. Tracy-Jane has written a beautiful article about her Mum, One year on - Life without a loved one.

The children, we can't not mention them can we ? Seema at Kidz4mation has written about 'When little people go red with rage ! ' full of useful tips on how to cope with 'those' moments. And Jude at Artful Adventures has been in the presence of Mister Maker !! Read about his visit and Eldest Son's moment of fame.

Wow - nearly there ! (Definitely feeling in need of a Pimms now as having to apologise for not being able to get the links to look pretty like other people have - note to self go on a blogging course !!) Finally, this month a challenge ...Helen and Sam at Mums The Boss have set you a "It's all about YOU!" Daily Challenge, see if you can stick to it ?

Don't forget to get to check out for details of July's carnival.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Wallpaper of the Week - Here's the science bit ....

OK so the 'rules' state that you shouldn't use wallpaper in bathrooms and kitchens .... steam will make it peel off, it will go mouldy (urghh) and who would consider putting any fluffy design thought into these 'functional' rooms anyway ?....

Well you'll be pleased to know that there is now an easy solution to these long held beliefs. Contour have designed a range of wallpaper that is 'Anti-bacterial', "providing on going protection from harmful bacteria".

There are 13 designs available in 36 colourways, ranging from the 'cheesy' cupcake paper and equally as cliche'ed 'Dinner Time' featuring a lovely knife and fork design to the relatively palatable 'Groovy' (shown with roll top bath below). The papers are all £25 a roll and are paste to wall which I suppose gives you another reason to consider them.

So why my obvious lack of enthusiasm about this range that has been reported as potentially revolutionising design in kitchens and bathrooms ?

Well I've been rambling on about using wallpaper everywhere for ages...12 months I've been nagging the people who happen to stumble across my ramblings on this blog and even longer in the case of my nearest and dearest. This paragraph has not been checked by a lawyer so I'm not going to be held liable for any claims.. but with the right research and the right products (ie use the recommended pastes and varnishes rather than what you might have left over in garage from the 1970's wood-chip days) then the majority of wallpapers can be used in *any* room.

Just to prove my point the sink with the flamingo's is *my* en suite. I have used Cole and Son Pink Flamingo wallpaper on two walls of the room. Applied following the manufacturers instructions, using their recommended paste but's the science bit... coated in a layer of Polyvine Decorators Varnish any wallpaper can be transformed into one suitable for using in bathrooms and kitchens. The varnish costs around £13.00 a litre and is available from any trade decorating centre. Use the satin finish and you can't tell that there is any coating at all, but, as I regularly put to the test, even toothpaste will wipe off it without so much as a smudge.

Apologies for this weeks rambling rather than recommendation but I just don't want people to think that they are limited to a range of boring wallpapers when in reality you are free to choose whatever takes your fancy ......I'll get off my soap box in time for next week.

(Apologies for layout have changed pc to mac this wk and still learning normal service on foramtting also to be returned asap)